1. Title: 1-800-MATHFUN
Grade Level: May be adapted to fit grades 3-12
Subjects: Arts and Humanities, Math, Social Studies, Technology

Students will create new phone numbers for local businesses by combining letters and numbers. For example, the number for www.flowers.com is 1-800-FLOWERS. They will come up with as many new phone numbers-using letters to describe local businesses-as they can. For example, if the business is a Mexican restaurant and your local dial prefix is 822, students might assign a local number of 822-4639, or 822-4MEX. For the final activity, students would integrate art, technology, and language arts by designing a short commercial using powerpoint to advertise a fictitious business that features creative phone numbers.

2. Title: It's a Puzzle!
Grade Level: 6-8
Subjects: Technology, Social Studies

Students will find pictures and take photographs of current topics they are studying. They will upload them onto Picnik and will create puzzles for their peers to solve. Students will work cooperatively in groups to put the puzzle pieces together. Once the puzzles are completed they will describe which topic the puzzle represents and discuss the topic in their group. The groups will rotate until they have solved all puzzles and had the opportunity to discuss. (To help with classroom management, color the back of each puzzle a different color so they do not get mixed up.)

3. Title: Lego Animation
Grade Level: 6-8
Subjects: Technology, Language Arts

Students will develop a short commercial or show using legos. They will produce a script and design sets to create a 3-5 minute animation. The show will be recorded for their classmates to view and critique.